Andrew Bird

Poster for Andrew Bird at the Murat Theatre in Indianapolis, IN. 

18x24, 4 colors on 100 lb cougar


We're All Mad Here

Poster for official "Alice Through the Looking Glass" art show at Hero Complex Gallery

18x24, 4 color on 100 lb cougar



"Without you, today's emotions would be the scurf of yesterday's"
Amelie-inspired screen print

Designed for Spoke Art's La couleur de l'étrangeté: Jeunet & Caro Show

18x24 4 color screen print on 100 lb French Paper



Poster for Odd City and the 1976 horror classic Carrie. 

16x24 6 color screen print on Butcher off-white paper, edition of 150, s&n


Lil Bub Visits Earth!

Adorable internet sensation Lil BUB brought some love to Spoke Art.

12x18, 4 colors on 100 lb. cream cover, edition of 100, s&n


The Butcher

Tribute to director Martin Scorsese's Gangs of New York for Spoke Art's tribute show in NYC at Bold Hype Gallery.

18x24, 3 color screen print on Oatmeal French Paper, edition of 75, s&n


Old Chickchaw Harvest Migration Trail

My print tribute to Moonrise Kingdom, for Spoke Art's 2012 annual Bad Dads tribute to Wes Anderson.

18x24, 3 color screen print on 100 lb. Cream Cover, edition of 75, s&n


I promise I will never be your friend. No matter what. Ever.

My contribution to Spoke Art's 2010 Bad Dads Wes Anderson show. I paid homage to Jack Whitman in Hotel Chevalier and Darjeeling Limited.

12x18 3 color screen print on French paper, edition of 50, s&n


Los Pollos Hermanos

Poster #7 in the Breaking Bad art series over at This show is the best thing on television, and I was so honored to be part of the print series.

18x24, 5 color screen print on French paper, edition of 300, s&n


A Collection of Curiosities

For Gallery 1988's Please Post Bills Bill Murray themed art show. All of my favorite Murray movies! 

18x24 4 color screen print on 100 lb. cougar cover, edition of 75, s&n


Ben Howard at the Fillmore

13x19 offset print for The Fillmore, San Francisco